The Lugano Living Lab platform was created by the will of the City of Lugano to approach in an innovative way the changes and challenges that the city will face in the future.

Various elements have characterized and radically changed the City of Lugano in the past years; such as the aggregative process that has redesigned the city as we know it today (about 67,000 inhabitants and a total area of 75.8 km2); the “PNA” project that has redefined the organizational structure of the city administration; as well as the definition of the Lines of Development 2018-2028.

The need for a different management of public affairs, based on  facts and figures and functional for the vision and strategy defined by the Municipality, has led to the creation of the “Lugano Living Lab” operating platform, as a concrete response aimed at encouraging innovation with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and the attractiveness of the region, through an innovation-oriented approach based on dialogue, co-creation and collaboration of all the forces already active in the area.

Following is the full text of the “Manifesto of Lugano Living Lab” which explains in detail its aims and guidelines.

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