#digitaleconsapevole – Digital awareness

New communication line of L*3 for 2021: #digitaleconsapevole – Digital awareness

From #digitaleènormale to #digitaleconsapevole:
the Lugano Living Lab communication line of 2020 was characterized by the theme #digitaleènormale (digital is normal), that is the awareness of technology relevance in everyday life.
#digitaleconsapevole continues this direction, deepening the concept of knowledge (for example, know how a given technological tool works, understanding digital marketing strategies, knowing how online data are processed, etc.).

Therefore, the assumptions are:

Lugano Living Lab is committed to promoting opportunities for discussion and learning activities in order to promote a conscious knowledge of digital.

From these assumptions was born the hashtag #digitaleconsapevole that will accompany as a signature the communications of L*3 on social media and on the website for the year 2021.

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