#lessonslearned: Speakers’ Corner 2020

Speakers’ Corner 2020, 01-03.11.2020, Swiss Digital Days 2020, Switzerland: 

Laura Cadenazzi, Hannah Gießler, Linda Leppänen, Olga Sironi, Giulia Tettamanti, Ramunė Tincani
E-learning course on omnichannel for internal training
Master in Digital Fashion Communication Università della Svizzera italiana – USI, in collaboration with Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
“How has your learning experience changed as a result of COVID? Most of us virtually attended lessons, training courses or events in 2020. We have to deal with these new digital learning methods…”.


Alessandro Mascheroni
The use of Artificial Intelligence and innovative Radars to improve elderly safety.
Master: Information and Communication Technologies Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
Partner University: The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia Industrial Partner: Vitalcare Pty Limited , Sydney, Australia
“Have you ever had a relative in your family, such as a grandfather or a grandmother, who reached a point in their life where they could not live independently anymore? Are you interested in knowing how Artificial Intelligence could help old people live a better and safer life? If the answer is YES, then you might be interested in watching this video…”


Andrea Marino
Sviluppo di un End Effector riconfigurabile per la presa di tessuti
Master in Mechanical Engineering. Thesis carried out as part of the Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering of Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
“I designed a mechanical gripper studied for moving fabrics and can be considered the equivalent of your hand for a robot. This mechanical gripper allows you to grab, lift and move objects from one place to another, a bit like you would do. The problem of working with fabrics is that they are not rigid compared to other objects, so every time you pick them up and move them they will take on different shapes…”.


Bear Matthews
Astra Labs – Developing technology for those in need
Franklin University Switzerland – FUS
Imagine this: there’s an international non-profit whose sole mission is to develop technology for communities in need. It’s run completely by youth all around the world and today our applications currently serve over half a million users. Well, that non-profit is Astra Labs…


Jacopo Crespi, Marta Gadoni, Francesca Melcarne and Simona Scopazzini
PINNY – an App for booking amateur chefs at home
Master in Media Management Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
You know, Simo, I was thinking that tonight I want to organize a dinner with friends but I don’t want to cook. Mmh, your guy doesn’t cook? Yes, he’s very good at it too but tonight we wanted to relax. Well, order a pizza, no? No, no always the same things, we wanted to do something different, special, maybe unique. Uh, ok I heard about this app that allows you to bring a chef in your home is called something like… Pinny!…


Mattia Dellamora
NEMESI – Comunicazione offuscata all’occhio digitale
Bachelor of Arts in Comunicazione visiva Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
Nemesi is a typographic font (made by Mattia Dellamora) that cannot be read by the computer, concretely I made the single letters that go to compose an alphabet. Computers are generally able to take the image of a document and extract only the texts from it. Nemesis prevents this process!


Chiara Crivelli
[E·motion] – La tipografia nel testo cinematografico
Bachelor in Comunicazione visiva, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
While watching a movie sounds and scenes lead us to feel different emotions. But what happens if the audio element disappears? [E-motion] is a printing type designed for subtitling films. The aim is to help each individual to understand a film, paying particular attention to an aspect of emotional translation of the scene.


Sacha Jermini
Blockchain e Smart Contract. Un futuro senza costi di transazione?
Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Have you ever made an online purchase and not received what you ordered? If the answer is yes, you probably know how difficult it can be to get a refund. The agreement that binds you to the seller is an economic relationship and like all economic relationships is regulated down to the smallest detail by a contract, and this is precisely what creates ambiguity in case of unforeseen circumstances. The solution to this situation is the smart contract, an intelligent contract based on blockchain…


Indra Mazzola
Gli Emoji e il loro utilizzo tra le generazioni della Svizzera italiana
Bachelor in Comunicazione, Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Each generation has grown up with different cultural references, is the use of emoji also different between generations?


Thomas Tiotto
Explainable AI with Probabilistic Graphical Models
Master in Artificial Intelligence, Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
In recent years artificial intelligence and more specifically machine-learning have seen incredible success in all fields in which they have been applied. Companies are delegating more and more decisions to these automated systems and it is therefore becoming increasingly important to understand why and how these decisions are made. For example: if a self-driving car causes an accident, whose fault is it?


Shkurta Gashi
Using mobile and wearable technologies to extend our understanding of human behavior
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Informatics Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Did you know that in nature synchronization occurs continuously? For example, groups of birds and fish coordinate their movements so that they can all move together. Did you know that humans do this too? In fact, when two or more people interact with each other they tend to synchronise with each other…


Elena Di Lascio
Towards the use of digital devices to support people in their daily activities
PhD candidate, Faculty of Informatics, Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Imagine for a moment that you are a teacher, you are in this class full of students and some of them follow the lesson online, and you don’t see the students remotely very well. Then you start talking and explaining and then you look at your students: are they listening to you? Are they happy with your lesson?


Laura Marciano
Predicting problematic smartphone use over time in adolescence. A latent class regression analysis of online and offline activities. Project website: Mediaticino.usi.ch
PhD candidate, Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
One moment… I’m coming…” How many times have you seen teenagers use their smartphone in this way? We see them happy and amused, but do they do their homework? But do they play sports? But do they sleep at night? My research has focused on this very reality, we have followed 1,400 students from the canton of Ticino for six years…”


Fabio Daniele
Applicazione della Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis in un’azienda che produce dispositivi medici Master of Science in Engineering.
Ricerca svolta nell’ambito del Bachelor in Ingegneria Gestionale Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
Do you know when you are at the dentist, lying on the couch, and you see next to you the tray with all the tools that the dentist uses? We assume that these tools are perfect in their functions and that they do not harm us. But in reality this concept is not so simple from a business point of view. Those tools are produced by many companies, in large quantities. Each of these tools must be controlled and must be perfect. This role is played by one or more people depending on the size of the company, it has to be done every day with the same punctuality and precision…


Puspita Ayu Permatasari
iWareBatik – Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Batik Intangible Cultural Heritage
PhD candidate, Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Do you know what is this? This is a silk scarf. It is not just a scarf, it is a particular scarf from Asia, from Indonesia, from Central Java region. It was produced manually by hand, by ten people, for three months in a Batik workshop in Central Java. This scarf is a piece of art, what we call Batik. It is a mixture of creativity embedding the tradition of that specific village on Java iIsland…


David Petkov
Digital Dentistry Design
Bachelor in Ingegneria informatica, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana – SUPSI
How important is a beautiful smile? We all needed or know someone who needed a denture. Obviously this involves many visits, not always pleasant, to our dentist. In a first phase it may be necessary to create a cast of our teeth, then many check-ups are necessary to verify that the prosthesis fits our mouth…”


Martina Ronchetti
Digital Fashion Competences: Market Practices and Needs during Covid19
Master in Digital Fashion Communication Università della Svizzera italiana – USI, in collaboration with Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Fashion is not something that exists only in clothes. Fashion surrounds us and evolves with us, all around us. Today a pandemic is spreading suffering, disrupting our lives and damaging the economy. In this difficult situation, however, a key element has allowed us to virtually embrace each other again: technology. It was technology that helped the fashion industry to cope with the damaging impact of this crisis and to ensure that goods and services that were consumed in person were digitally guaranteed..


Arianna Rizzi
Il potere dell’archivio audiovisivo
Ricerca di tesi svolta nell’ambito del Bachelor in Scienze della Comunicazione Università della Svizzera italiana – USI
Can archives find space in the digital world? The answer is yes, and this is demonstrated by an event in recent Swiss history: the rejection of the no Billag initiative. But what do archives, digital and broadcasting canons have to do with it?


Elisa Barbieri
eLearning in the fashion industry
Master of Science in Economics Major in Management Università della Svizzera italiana – USI


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