#lessonslearned Lugano goes digital

Lugano goes digital, 12.03.2020, Lugano: 

Roberta Cocco – Councillor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services, Municipality of Milan, Davide Baldi – CEO Luxochain, Luca Gambardella – IDSIA Director (USI/SUPSI), Nicolas Girotto – CEO Bally, Jochen Bella Ada – IBM iX Leader IBM, Enrico Roselli – CEO La Martina, Marc Sondermann – Director Fashion Magazine
Panel 1 – Fashion Tech: the role of digital innovation in development in the fashion industry
In the first panel, our guests spoke in comparison about #brands and research centres, initiatives that enrich the innovation dedicated to the world of tech and digital communication in fashion. An in-depth study dedicated to the theme of #blockchain applied to the fashion industry and the tech landscape support companies.
(Only Italian version, subtitles will come soon)


Thomas Salafia Bajoni – Chairman Bajoni & Partners, Boas Erez – Rector of Università della Svizzera italiana- USI, Maggie Rokkum-Testi – Executive Manager / Head of Strategic Investments di Copernicus Asset Management SA, Marc Sondermann – Director Fashion Magazine, Adam Stanford – Managing Partner of Deloitte Consulting Svizzera
Panel 2 – Innovation culture: Research and Development encouraged by framework conditions.
The second panel instead explored how research and development #ricercaesviluppo can be encouraged by framework conditions #condizioniquadro, addressing the opportunities of a Lugano that has emerged to be reactive and positive for companies. Favourable conditions with regard to taxation, training and research, a central position between the north and south of the Alps and a supportive approach to the development of new proposals. Reflections also on the theme #futurework and being ready and reacting to crises, such as the one we are experiencing now.
(Only Italian version, subtitles will come soon)


Lorenzo Cantoni – Director of the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication at USI Università della Svizzera italiana, Emanuele Carpanzano – Director of the Department of Innovative Technologies – SUPSI, Nicolas Girotto – CEO Bally, Michele Raballo – Accenture,  Carlo Terreni – President Netcomm Suisse, Marco Borradori – Mayor of the City of Lugano
Panel 3 – Presentation of the Lifestyle Tech Hub di Lugano
In the final panel it was an honour and a real pleasure to host the presentation of the new Lugano #LifestyleTechHub. A huge opportunity for our region that we are happy to have supported with this streaming event.
(Only Italian version, subtitles will come soon)


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