• The workshop “Learn how to monitor environmental data on the City of Lugano” which took place on 5.10.2020 is part of the initiative “Waiting for Digital Days 2020”.

    Would you like to take part in an active citizenship experiment to collect data concerning the city? Are you interested in the use of the technologies of the Internet of things, to understand how the data of the environment around you are evolving?
    Are you interested in understanding the field of sensors applied to environmental monitoring?

    Note: workshop registrations are closed

    You could not attend the workshop? Don’t worry, the project has just started, we will organize other meetings and the open publication of the contents… there will be other new opportunities to collaborate.

  • The workshop was held in presence at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano.
    Note: workshop registrations are closed

    9:00-10:00: Presentations of the project and tools
    – Welcome from Lugano Living Lab
    – Know the data to be active citizens. Iolanda Pensa SUPSI, Head of Culture and Territory, Visual Culture Laboratory.
    – The tools of the TAC project. Serena Cangiano. SUPSI FabLab Manager
    – Arduino for the implementation of IoT projects. Massimo Banzi, Arduino.cc

    10:00 – 13:00: Practical workshop
    – Introduction to the workshop programme
    – Massimo Banzi, Co-founder of Arduino: introduces to IoT tools for environmental monitoring (sensors, code, Lora network, data visualization platform API.)
    – Which sensors?
    – Learn how API work
    – How Lora network works?
    – How the Shield works?
    – How API work?
    – Practical activity with the Arduino code and testing of monitoring tools.


  • Join the workshop: Note: workshop registrations are closed

    Spot are limited: book your place by clicking here.

    Requirements for participation:

    • To participate in the workshop you don’t have to be a technology expert
    • If you are selected you commit to:
      – Take care of the maintenance of a device for one year (i.e. place the device in a place where it will be safe, keep it on and notify the project manager of any malfunction).
      – Subscribe to a project group chat for the management of internal communications
      – Return the device at the end of monitoring


    • The project focuses on environmental data related to the City of Lugano. For the participation in the workshop priority will therefore be given to people domiciled in Lugano. We will try to represent as much as possible the various neighbourhoods of Lugano, which is why you are asked to specify your neighbourhood in the application form.
    • The workshop and the equipment given to the participants are free of charge.
    • Participation in the TAC project is voluntary and free of charge.
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  • The workshop was part of the TAC project: A programme of educational activities with innovative tools for the collection and analysis of environmental data.

    Promoted by: Lugano Living Lab – City of Lugano
    Developed by: Visual culture workshop and FabLab SUPSI
    In collaboration with:
    School Institute of the City of Lugano
    Institute of Earth Sciences SUPSI
    Technological partners:
    With the support of:
    Hasler Stiftung