• But why inglesismi.ch you may ask yourselves… Because to express simple concepts using less words, we are used to using English terms.

    Let’s discover their meaning together on inglesismi.ch

    “Inglès-is-mi” is an initiative of Lugano Living Lab to support the knowledge and dissemination of those English-speaking words that are now part of our common language; explained in simply and directly by sector professionals.

    Every inglesismo is illustrated with 3 video tutorials, each one specific for each age group: ids, standard and senior.


  • Inglesismi are English-speaking words used in everyday speech and are now part of our vocabulary. Nowadays it is increasingly common to use and hear words from the English language on a daily basis: at school, on television, with family or at the bar with friends. An inglesismo is able to summarise with a single word a concept which, if correctly explained in the Italian language, could require a longer explanation.

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