• Technological innovation and the use of digitised solutions pervade our daily lives. Hence the concept of “digital is normal”. The “Digital Autumn” programme schedule should be a moment of refresh, exchange and discovery (also in an informal and recreational way) of this digital environment that we experience in a conscious or unconscious way every day.

    Why “Autumn”?
    The schedule of events includes the autumn season of September-October-November. Autumn is, however, to be understood as a “meteorological factor” which is associated with Digital as “a continuous springtime of new ideas and content”.

    For who?
    Digitalisation producers (content / technological solutions): the Digital Autumn supports their needs for visibility, refresh and exchange.
    Users of digitalisation (aware or unaware) at all levels, critical, curious, skeptical, enthusiastic: the Digital Autumn aims to provide opportunities for tangible experiences in order to increase knowledge, contacts, skills, questions and answers for a conscious integration of technology into the life of the city community.

  • The Lugano Digital Autumn is a program of events and initiatives of different formats offered by individuals, research centres, companies and associations that will take place in Lugano during the months of September, October and November 2020.

    Digital Autumn Themes: the proposed themes must be linked to the main theme that sees “digital” as the main focus of the initiative. You are therefore free to make your own proposals. However, it is recommended to consider the following points:

    • Promote the aim of dissemination
    • The format of your proposal can vary from: Lecture, Conference, Workshop, Exhibition, Multimedia Event, Round Table or Open House Event.
    • Duration of your proposal: it may vary according to the format, e.g. 3 hours for a workshop; 2 days for a conference, Exhibition covering the 3 months of Digital Autumn, etc.
    • Free: make your proposal accessible to everyone. If this is not possible, please provide a free moment of opportunity.
    • Accessibility: consider the inclusion of all segments of the population.

    Who can submit their proposal: there are no restrictions.

    Digital Autumn Locations: the different events and initiatives will take place in different spaces managed by the City of Lugano. The principle locations are represented by Lugano city centre, Palazzo dei Congressi, LAC, Studio Foce, Villa Ciani.

    Note: companies / associations / private individuals will be able to offer open-door events / initiatives at their premises, thus making the Digital Autumn widespread.

    Consider offering your proposal online: given the current healthcare emergency, we ask you to consider offering your proposal online in live streaming or via app, access to materials on websites. Indicate this option on the form.

    The City of Lugano will make itself available for the events and initiatives of the Digital Autumn*:

    • Facilitated access to space and infrastructure in order to ensure the implementation of the proposed initiatives.
    • Coordination of the communication of the schedule in order to provide visibility to the proposed initiatives.
    • Strategic and logistical support for the implementation of your initiative (if required).

    *It reserves the right to evaluate the suitability of proposed events