• Technology is changing the world with Bitcoin, Stablecoin and other digital technologies. These technologies are becoming part of our everyday life changing the way we access public and financial services.

    The City of Lugano and Tether have announced a partnership to transform Lugano into the European capital of crypto.

    An unprecedented event with Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, and Paolo A., CTO, Tether.

    Every city needs a plan…. and this is ours: Lugano Piano ₿

    Lugano’s Plan B ITA: https://youtu.be/OaMSkwNdPfM

    Lugano’s Plan B ENG: https://youtu.be/Zfh-oOlt03I

  • When: 03.03.2022 at 17:00
    Location: Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano

  • Lugano's Plan B - Best of

  • Lugano's Plan B ENG

    Lugano's Plan B ITA