• On 5-6 June 2020, Lugano Living Lab participated with NeuralRope#1 in the VI edition of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon – a digital marathon of programming and reuse of open cultural data, focused on Linked Open Data, Machine Learning, Human-Computer-Interaction and crowdsourcing for the enhancement of the Swiss cultural heritage.
    The #GLAMhack 2020 event, virtually hosted by the Swiss Institute for Information Science (FHGR, Chur) and organized by the Openglam working group, was able to count on the availability of open data from Ticino for the first time this year.
    The SUPSI Visual Culture Laboratory, as part of the GIOCOnDA project, presented the data released by Ticino’s data providers and the NeuralRope# data will soon be published on Opendata.swiss, the national portal on which all open data of the Swiss public administration converge.
    During the “digital marathon” the interactions produced by passers-by in the pedestrian tunnel of Besso with the NeuralRope#1 installation were elements of discussion for the Extra Moenia challenge, a proposal by SUPSI that investigated the possibility of extending the spaces of cultural sites and museums in the external areas of the institutions, promoting the connections with the territory in the open area and thus expanding the experiences of visitors following the current access and visit restrictions caused by COVID19.
  • Visual culture laboratory of SUPSI, as part of the project GIOCOnDA