• Technological innovation and digitisation are at the heart of society and our daily lives. This is why studies and research in these areas are becoming increasingly valuable as opportunities for further study and discovery, both for companies and institutions as well as for citizens.

    Speakers’ Corner is intended to be a platform for presenting, promoting and giving voice to the research of the students of the three universities in the city.

    The Speakers’ Corner project is coordinated by the urban laboratory Lugano Living Lab and is the result of the City of Lugano’s commitment to promote concrete projects to raise awareness on digital issues by enhancing skills in the area.

    The first pilot edition of Speakers’ Corner involves 25 students from the three universities, who attended the first workshop of the project on October 5th at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, where web communication professionals, journalists, media experts and digital entrepreneurs took turns with suggestions and insights. The students then made a video, supported by specialists from the three universities, Lugano Living Lab, L’ideatorio and RSI-Radiotelevisione Svizzera.

    During the Swiss Digital Days – which which took place between November 1st and 3rd – the students’ videos were made available  from the federal community of the Digital Days and from all the public on the link digitaldays.swiss/en/lugano . The platform has been created by digitalswitzerland, of which Lugano Living Lab is a partner, and will bring national visibility to young talent and their research studies.

    Speakers’ corner is a project promoted by the City of Lugano and L*3 in collaboration with FUS- Franklin University Switzerland, SUPSI- Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana, USI- Università della Svizzera italiana and L’Ideatorio-USI.

  • Workshop programme of October 5th, 2020:

    17.00-17.10: Institutional Welcome by Mayor Marco Borradori
    17.10-17.40: Che noia la scienza (ma anche gli scienziati) (ITA)
    Giovanni Pellegri, Head of the Ideatorio, USI
    17.40-18.00: Tra comunicazione privata, pubblica e istituzionale (ITA-ENG)
    Rina Corti, Head of Institutional Communication Service, SUPSI
    Cristina Elia, Head of Institutional Communication Service, USI
    Davide Gai, Director of Marketing and Strategy, FUS Esprimersi in modo sciolto davanti al pubblico e alla telecamera (ITA)
    Giada Marsadri and Andrea Arcidiacono, journalists and presenters
    18.20-18.30: BREAK
    18.30-19.00: What changes between presenting online and in-presence? (ENG)
    Lorenzo Cantoni, Pro-rector for Education and Students’ experience and Full Professor, USI
    19.00-19.20: Info in pillole e il montaggio come forma espressiva (ITA)
    Pablo Creti, Head of Digital Sector, Department of Culture and Society, RSI
    19.20-19.30: BREAK
    19.30-19.50: What makes a great pitch for a startup (ENG)
    Andrea La Mesa, Entrepreneur and tech executive
    19.50-20.00: Closing and random assignment of students to their mentors
    20:00- 21.00: Brown bag / Meet your mentor / networking Covid-distancing compliance

    The event was moderated by Andrea Arcidiacono and Giada Marsadri.

  • Students had the opportunity to participate in the project through a call open from April to September 15th 2020, the closing date for sending the abstract of their research verified by the teachers of the three universities.
    The selection was made according to the following criteria

    • Relevance of the thesis/research with the themes of digitisation and/or technological innovation
    • If the research work is completed: it must have been evaluated with a grade ≥ 8
    • If the research work is ongoing: the student is required to receive the approval of the professor who will carry out an anti-plagiarism verification and check the correctness of the proposed contents.

    Students who meet these criteria took part in the workshop held on October 5th 2020 at the Palazzo dei Congressi (see the program).
    The meeting held by web communication professionals, journalists, media experts and digital entrepreneurs who have provided suggestions and insights on different areas of digital and online communication. Each student was then assigned to a mentor who followed him/her in the preparation and production of the video presentation of his/her research.
    The filming took place in the week from October 19th and 23rd in a recording studio with professional setting.

    During the Swiss Digital Days – which took place between between November 1st and 3rd – the videos of the students were made available from the federal community of the Digital Days and by all the public who participated in the online event.

    Could you not attend? Don’t worry Speakers’ Corner is only in its first edition. We are planning to repeat the project for the 2020-21 edition as well.

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    Workshop 5.10 - Best of

  • E-learning course on omnichannel for internal training. Laura Cadenazzi, Hannah Gießler, Linda Leppänen, Olga Sironi, Giulia Tettamanti, Ramunė Tincani

    The use of Artificial Intelligence and innovative Radars to improve elderly safe. Alessandro Mascheroni

    Sviluppo di un End Effector riconfigurabile per la presa di tessuti. Andrea Marino

    Astra Labs – Developing technology for those in need. Bear Matthews

    PINNY – Porta uno chef amatoriale a casa tua! Jacopo Crespi, Marta Gadoni, Francesca Melcarne e Simona Scopazzini

    NEMESI – Comunicazione offuscata all’occhio digitale. Mattia Dellamora

    [E·motion] – La tipografia nel testo cinematografico. Chiara Crivelli

    Blockchain e Smart Contract. Un futuro senza costi di transazione? Sacha Jermini

    Gli Emoji e il loro utilizzo tra le generazioni della Svizzera italiana. Indra Mazzola

    Explainable AI with Probabilistic Graphical Models. Thomas Tiotto

    Using mobile and wearable technologies to understand human behavior. Shkurta Gashi

    Towards the use of digital devices to support people in their daily activities. Elena Di Lascio

    Predicting problematic smartphone use over time in adolescence. A latent class regression analysis of online and offline activities. Laura Marciano

    Applicazione della Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis in un’azienda che produce dispositivi medici. Fabio Daniele

    iWareBatik – Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Batik Intangible Cultural Heritage. Puspita Ayu Permatasari

    Digital Dentistry Design. David Petkov

    Digital Fashion Competences: Market Practices and Needs during Covid19. Martina Ronchetti

    Il potere dell'archivio audiovisivo. Arianna Rizzi

    eLearning in the fashion industry. Elisa Barbieri

    Swiss Digital Days - Speakers' Corner Lugano 2020 - Best of ENG

    Speakers' Corner - workshop 5.10 - Tips for online comm. Science is boring (but also scientists)

    Speakers' Corner- workshop 5.10 - Between private, public and institutional online communication

    Speakers' Corner - workshop 5.10 - how to speak fluently in front of the audience and the camera

    Speakers' Corner - workshop 5.10.20 - What changes between presenting online and in-presence?

    Speakers' Corner - workshop 5.10 - Tips for online comm: What makes a great pitch for a startup

    Speakers' Corner - workshop 5.10 - Tips for online comm: What makes a great pitch for a startup

    • Who can participate?

      University bachelor and master students who have carried out a study (thesis, reports, analysis, etc.) related to digitisation and/or technological innovation in the last 3 years.

      Community of the three universities (FUS, SUPSI, USI) and other research institutes in Ticino.

    • Can I participate even if I am not an Italian speaker?

      Yes, the workshop will be available also in English. Regarding the video recording: it is possible to record your video in English.

    • Where my video will be published?

      The videos will be published on the YouTube channel of Lugano Living Lab. Each video will contain the author’s name-surname as well as the title of the contribution. 

      The videos will be promoted on the Swiss Digital Days online platform. The videos could be also shared on the L*3 social media and/or on the social media/website of the universities involved in order to disseminate the contents of Speakers’ corner.

    • Is it possible to delete my video once it has been published?

      yes, only if it requested by the author of the video.
      The video can be deleted from Lugano Living Lab’s Youtube channel at any time by writing to info@luganolivinglab.ch. The L*3 team will delete the video only after a direct check with the author of the video.

    • Can I update the contents of my video once published?

      Yes, it is possible to send integrations through descriptive texts.

    • Do I have to pay a registration fee for attending the workshop?

      The participation to the workshop, coaching and the creation of the video are free, as a service offered by the institutions involved in the Speakers’ corner project.

    • I have done a team work: can we participate as a team?

      It is possible to participate as a team/work group.
      The same conditions are applied as for the individual studies. 

    • I am not able to participate in this edition, there will be a second edition?

      The project is in its first edition in an experimental format. We plan to create an ad-hoc platform for the 2021 edition.

    • Can I participate to the workshop as an auditor?

      No, the workshop is dedicated to the selected students.  However, the contents will be available on the Swiss Digital Days 2o2o from November 1st to 3rd on the official platform.