• Context

    In September 2020 a new university campus will open in the centre of Lugano, where researchers from the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) will work to build the future of our society by contributing to its progress in the following disciplines: Medicine, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical Engineering, Management and Electronics.

    The new East Campus will be a place of study and research but also of reflection on the world and its inhabitants, going to feed the great debates going on at international level. It is the will of USI and SUPSI to begin immediately to establish a dialogue with the region, listening to the public and children in particular. Together with Lugano’s schools, they wish to promote a reflection on the role of science in our society, in particular by looking into what are the desires and priorities of children to build a more beautiful world for everyone. What future do we want to leave to future generations? What can individuals do to help improve global conditions? And what can and must science do? Hence the project “Quale mondo vogliamo?” (What world do we want?) which involves researchers listening to the students of Lugano’s schools.

    The project

    “Zero Poverty”, “Health and Well-being for all”, “Clean and accessible energy”, “Quality education for all”, “Respect for our planet and the climate”, “Safe and accessible cities” are just some of the 17 objectives launched by UN member states to summarise the most urgent and necessary challenges to build a better world. With the opening of the new East Campus, USI and SUPSI’s researchers will lean towards these great challenges, and they will also do so by drawing inspiration from the ideas, thoughts and desires of the children of Lugano’s schools, who will live in close contact with this new scientific environment.
    The project will take place during the 2019/2020 school year and will include classroom work with teachers, and the possibility of direct correspondence with USI and SUPSI experts.

  • What can I do with my class?

    What world do we want? Starting from this question, and taking inspiration from the seventeen major UN objectives, teachers are asked to reflect with their pupils on possible actions to build a better world for all. The children’s reflections will then be shared with USI-SUPSI researchers.

    The projects

    Each class can prepare:

      • A brief written reflection on the attention that researchers must have to build a better world for everyone.
      • A brief written reflection on what every member of the public can do to contribute to a better future.
      • Creation of a drawing on the chosen theme.

    The teacher can decide one or more topics to discuss by creating class or individual work for each pupil. The works will be collected and presented in a dedicated installation on the occasion of the inauguration of the new university campus in September 2020. In addition, they will be given to researchers with the aim of inspiring the academic community in their daily work.

    For more information write to ideatorio@usi.ch