• Sportech was at Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano on October 5th with a learning lab that allowed participants to know the spirit of the days of science and technology applied to sport that take place every two years at the National Sports Center of youth of Tenero.

    After a general presentation of the event and the objectives it pursues, participants were able to test their gaming skills by trying out some different types of eSports, then discussing with the other participants the relationship between traditional sports and e-sports. To what extent can the latter be considered useful resources to complement traditional sports training? Can eSports contribute to improving cross skills and precision?


  • The workshop was structured in an interactive way and lasted about an hour and a half.

    Participants were able to immerse themselves in the adrenaline-pumping reality of a Formula 1 race, play a football match with their favourite team and compete in other disciplines such as tennis or bowling via a special console equipped with a wireless device that detects arm movement. The aim was to identify which sports skills can potentially be improved through the use of certain video games and which soft skills come into play when competing in eSports.

    During last spring’s confinement, in fact, many professional sportsmen and women have used video games as an alternative resource – and not only as a pastime – to traditional training. If we consider sport as a set of elements that, among other things, help to control stress, make winning decisions within seconds and maintain concentration, then the contribution of video games can be considered very useful.

    Discussions have shown that there are more relationships between eSports and traditional sports than people think. Masiar Babazadeh, teacher-researcher at SUPSI’s Training and Learning Department and workshop curator, has in fact revealed that:

    “Although there is no involvement from large muscle groups, eSports require very precise fine-motor skills. At the level of transversal skills, active listening, problem solving, communication and teamwork come into play. There is much more to it than it seems, they are not just video games”.

    The eSports phenomenon will be further explored during other initiatives proposed by Sportech.

  • Requirements to participate in:
    To participate in the workshop you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of technologies or to be a sportsman, you just need curiosity and desire to get involved (and play).

    Choose the time of the workshop and book your place (attention participation is free but places are limited):

    Note: workshop registrations are closed

    The event took place in compliance with the protective measures.

  • Swiss Digital Days 2020- Alla scoperta degli eSports

  • Promoters of the workshop: SUPSI – Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento (DFA) – Sportech

    Photo credits: Sportech